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National Heart Lung and Blood InstituteAdvancedCardio.com

American Heart Association AdvancedCardio.com

National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease AdvancedCardio.com

Office on Women's Health, DHHSAdvancedCardio.com

National Institutes of HealthAdvancedCardio.com

American Medical AssociationAdvancedCardio.com

Florida Department of HealthAdvancedCardio.com

US Department of Health and Human ServicesAdvancedCardio.com

US Food & Drug AdministrationAdvancedCardio.com

Hillsborough County Health DepartmentAdvancedCardio.com

Tampa Medical Centers and Hospitals
Memorial Hospital of Tampa AdvancedCardio.com
Tampa General HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
Shriner's Hospital for ChildrenAdvancedCardio.com
South Florida Baptist HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
St. Joseph's HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
St. Joseph's Women's HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
Tampa Children's HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
Town & Country HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
University Community Hospital AdvancedCardio.com
Veterans Hospital (VA)AdvancedCardio.com
All Children's HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
Bayfront Medical CenterAdvancedCardio.com
Brandon Regional HospitalAdvancedCardio.com
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer CenterAdvancedCardio.com

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